7 Storage Ideas That Will Make Your Life Easier

A home with minimal space not only leaves a bad impression on your guests but can also cause mental stress to the homeowners. At times there are too many things to store and a very little space. However, if you wisely use the limited space at your disposal, you can effectively keep the household items in their proper place and make your home look more spacious and tidy. So whether it is a prime property like property in Goa near the beach or a 2BHK in any other part of the country, here are some storage ideas that will help make your life much easier.


Magazines, papers and books can be a sore sight if they are not arranged neatly. You can overcome this problem by converting the space under the chairs into storage boxes. Apart from helping you find a place to store your stuff, well-crafted storage boxes can also give your chairs an aesthetic appeal.

Underneath the bed

By ingeniously using the space beneath the bed, you will get ample room to store goods that you want to keep hidden or are taking too much space. You can place drawers in this space and use them to keep clothes, blankets and other such items. You can also turn those huge headboards into a storage-box where you can keep your accessories like laptops, headphones, tablets, etc.


Bathrooms, whether big or small, usually have enough places that can be converted into storage spaces. You can construct drawers underneath the washbasin or use the space on the backside of the mirror. By using these to store toiletries, you will be able to give your bathroom a spacious look.


A bench that has a storage is the perfect furniture to be kept at the entrance or even in the bedroom. It will not only serve as the perfect seating arrangement but will also enable you to keep items like shoes, umbrella etc.

Photo frames

Small items like keys can get easily lost and therefore need a place of their own. For this, you can use the photo frame hanging on the wall of your drawing room or bedroom. Use the space behind the photo frames to hide your home, car or any other keys along with other small items.


Dining tables and center tables have ample spaces underneath them. If used properly, these spaces can be used to hide stuff that you do not want other people to see. By constructing cabinets underneath the tables you can have a perfect place for your kitchen accessories, cutleries, glasses and other items thereby giving your kitchen or dining room a neat and clean look.

Spaces beneath the stairs

In case you have stairs in your home, you can make good use of the vacant space underneath them. You can create shelves, drawers or a bookcase where you can store items that you use on a daily basis.

Everyone wants their home to be tidy but it becomes hard to find suitable storage spaces for your household items. Though properties like villas in Goa or luxury apartments are quite spacious, but if you are short of space or living in a much smaller house, the above-mentioned storage ideas will definitely help you to double up your furniture as cabinets thereby giving your home a clutter-free look.