Find out the basics about Rim Joists Insulation

If your home has a basement, there you will find the rim joist. It is where basement ceiling framing meets with the home siding. While doing house insulation, you may want to insulate this space also. You should go for it as just like other spaces, rim joist also face heat loss.

 Rim Joist Insulation- Is it beneficial?

Lower energy bills: People go for house insulation is to make their home energy- efficient. With proper air circulation, the home environment remains comfortable. The electricity bills also come less.

Gives you comfort level

Have you set beside a drafty window? You may feel discomfort due to outside air infiltration. But if the rim joist is properly insulated, it can keep the environment of the basement pleasant. The temperature would remain steady.

Environment-friendly: House insulation along with rim joist insulation, is helping in lowering down the carbon footprint. You are not only reducing the consumption of energy but also supporting the environment.

Prevent pests

Uninsulated rim joists are home for pests. They can penetrate your living space. Sealing will help in covering the cracks present in rim joists.

The process to Insulate Rim Joists

Foam board: Two-inch, foil-faced foam board insulation is another option, and it’s typically used in new construction. Once the board is cut to size and fit in place, spray foam seals gaps around the edges.

Rim Joist Spray Foam

According to professionals, Rim Joist Insulation using Spray foam is an appropriate method. It helps in sealing the nail holes along with insulation. For this, you need an expert for installation. This is the reason you may have to pay high for it. However, the results are amazing.

In this process, nails are used from siding, trim, decks and porches. It helps in removing the condensation problems from the cold fasteners.

Foam Board Rim Joist Insulation

Foam board insulation is the best option. Here you use at least 2 inches of foil-faced polyisocyanurate foam board insulation. The process to install it is very easy. You have to cut the foam using a utility knife or hand saw. This is to create the space between floor joists, top of the sill plate and the bottom of the sub-floor. The best way is to cut the foam 1 inch smaller for fitting it in the required space.

Once the insulation is in place for sealing the edges, you can use the spray foam. It fills the voids and helps in holding the board well.

Fiberglass Rim Joist Insulation

For insulating rim joists, you can also opt for fiberglass insulation. However, it is tough to get fiberglass insulation installed evenly around all the framing members. It may not work well in the long run.